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Better than a Set of Shades!

Sun shades don’t stop interior heat buildup!

Eliminate solar heat build-up!

Reduce avionics problems while keeping it cool!

Stops Sun Damage!

Install & Remove in about one minute

Blocks 99.8% of the Sun's UV rays!

Protect interior and electronics

The California PopTop®

Virtually eliminate cockpit heat; Reduces problems with avionics, displays, computers, medicines & interior components; Can be installed or removed within a minute by a single person; Very small lightweight storage package, and the cover practically pays for Itself.


The Science behind PopTop

The Test: July 15, 2009, Los Angeles, CA

The California PopTop™ keeps the covered area 50 to 70 degrees cooler than the body of the vehicle.
No cover can protect your interior better than a PopTop!

saved non- infrared honda

Outside Air Temperature

Vehicles were fitted with a PopTop at 10 AM and were left to bake in the 105 degree heat for 3 hours

Vehicle Body Temperature

Vehicle bodies reached temperatures of 147 degrees

Vehicle Roof Temperature

Covered area temperature only ranged between 65 and 80 degrees!

saved infrared honda